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The New York State B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation has proudly formed the New York State B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation Scholarship Program to provide aid in the form of monetary grants or scholarships for college and post-high school trade development educational programs.

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Article “A”

  1. Individual members, clubs, friends and supporters of New York B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation, herein referred to as the NYBCF, initiated this Scholarship Program in 2001 as a dedicated fund maintained by the treasury of the NYBCF.
  2. The protection of the NYBCF Scholarship Program, especially the funds and credibility are of the utmost importance. The Scholarship Committee, NYBCF Executive Board and the membership of the NYBCF will monitor the guidelines set forth in this document.
  3. It is understood that these funds and any subsequent money collected through donations, fundraisers, contributions and annual budget appropriations by the Executive Committee and approved by the Executive Board, shall be defined, tracked and protected as a separate and distinct NYBCF budgetary line item.
  4. The NYBCF Scholarship Program will be overseen and governed by the Scholarship Committee.
  5. The funds will be deposited and remain in a secure interest-bearing account in a manner that will return the best interest.
  6. The Scholarship Committee shall recommend to the Executive Board the monies that it plans to use for scholarship award(s). Scholarship amounts cannot exceed $500.00 per individual and at the discretion of the committee may be awarded in lesser amounts. It is desirable to provide some level of assistance to as many applicants as possible. Total scholarship amount awarded in a year cannot exceed 20% of the balance of the account.
  7. Monies in the Scholarship Fund are fully protected and will not be used for any other purpose other than scholarship awards. Any operating expenses necessary to maintain this program shall be submitted to the NYBCF President for prior approval.
  8. The Scholarship Program Guidelines may be amended at any Executive Board meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present. Requests for these changes must be made by the Scholarship Committee, the NYBCF Executive Committee or the NYBCF Executive Board.
  9. In the event that the New York B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation, Inc. should be dissolved, all money in the Scholarship Fund will be donated in the name of the NYBCF to the charity(s) selected by the NYBCF Executive Board.

Article “B”
Scholarship Program

  1. The Scholarship Committee shall consist of four NYBCF members to include:

a. One committee chairperson and one committee member appointed by the NYBCF President and approved by the Executive Committee

b. The current NYBCF Treasurer

c. The current NYBCF High School Director

  1. Vacancies on the committee shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Committee. The Scholarship Committee chairperson may appoint up to four members who may serve in an advisory capacity but they shall not have voting privileges.
  2. Any member of the committee, at the discretion of the NYBCF Executive Committee, may be removed from the committee for due and documented good cause and a new committee member appointed.
  3. All four committee members will have equal voting powers for associated issues coming before the committee, including selection of scholarship recipient(s). In the event of a tie, the Executive Committee shall provide the tie-breaking vote. Advisory members who may be appointed by the Scholarship Committee chairperson will not have voting privileges.
  4. The Scholarship Committee’s duties shall include but may not be limited to the following:

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c. Review applications and select the applicants who are eligible for consideration according to the conditions set forth in the eligibility guidelines.

d. By the Fall NYBCF meeting, conduct a Scholarship Committee meeting for the purpose of selecting the scholarship award recipients by a majority vote, based upon the funds available and the criteria for order of selection as set forth in the guidelines.

e. By the NYBCF January meeting, present to the Executive Committee a written request for any monies that the committee may deem necessary to administer the Scholarship Program for the next calendar year for consideration as part of the general fund expenses for the FY budget of the NYBCF.

f. At the January NYBCF meeting, present accurate and complete minutes of all committee meetings and records of all actions. These minutes and records will be accessible and made available for review to any member of the NYBCF in good standing or other persons who hold a legal and legitimate right under state or fed.

Article “C”

  1. Any relative of a Scholarship Committee member or any person living with a Scholarship Committee member may not apply for a scholarship award.
  2. College Scholarship – this award is available to students who are entered in an accredited college or trade school at the undergraduate level.
  3. Recipients of the scholarship must have a minimum college fall semester GPA of 2.50 and show proof of enrollment for the next semester or proof of program completion.  Beyond first year, the student must provide their cumulative GPA above a 2.50 level. Although this minimum GPA cannot be attained at the time of application, applicants must be aware of this strictly enforced criterion. Scholarship recipients are required to send the scholarship committee a transcript and second semester schedule (or program completion) as soon as they are available.
  4. Applicants for the Scholarship Program must meet any one of the following conditions.These conditions are listed in the order of preference they shall receive from the Scholarship Committee:

a. A regular member in good standing of the NYBCF or a Junior Club associated with NYBCF.

b. A spouse, child, stepchild or grandchild of a regular NYBCF member in good standing.

c. A dependent who is residing with a regular member in good standing of the NYBCF and who relies on said member as his or her sole provider.

d. If no applications have been received from NYBCF members or there are no eligible applicants that meet the above conditions, consideration may be given to residents of New York State who are members in good standing of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S), their children, stepchildren or grandchildren.

  1. Additional consideration will be given to any applicant who is actively studying in the field of Environment, Aquatic Biology, Conservation or Conservation Law.

Article “D”
Application Process

  1. Candidate may obtain an application on the NYBCF website, by email at, or by requesting one from any NYBCF member club. Applications are available at any time but may not be mailed before July 1st.
  2. The NYBCF Scholarship Application form must be used by applicants for either scholarship. Any application received on anything other than the correct form may be rejected.
  3. Applications are not complete unless all supporting documents have also been submitted on time. The application deadline (October 31) is also listed on the applications and shall be strictly enforced. Late/incomplete applications shall be removed from consideration.
  4. All submitted applications shall remain confidential to the Scholarship Committee and the NYBCF Executive Committee.
  5. NYBCF offers an application process for these scholarships as outlined in Article C; however, all awards will be made based on available funds.

Article “E”
Time Lines

  1. All completed applications and supporting materials are to be mailed to the address listed on the top of the application. Applications must be mailed no earlier than July 1 of the scholarship year and must be postmarked by the October 31 deadline.
  2. Applicants will be notified of the receipt of their completed application by December 10th.
  3. Scholarship recipients shall be notified of their award by December 15th. 

Article “F”
Scholarship Award Disbursement

  1. The name(s) of the scholarship recipient(s) shall be announced at the annual NYBCF banquet where the winner(s) shall receive a certificate. Payment (check), however, shall be distributed to the winner(s) only upon completion of the following:

a. Submission of proof of successful completion of the fall semester of the present school year with a minimum first-semester GPA of 2.50. Online transcripts are acceptable.

b. Submission of proof of enrollment for the second semester of the school year or proof of program completion. A second-semester schedule print out is acceptable.

c. Awards based on additional consideration and preference criteria in Article C must submit documentation supporting the necessary courses meeting those criteria.

Article “G”

  1. The most current New York State B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation Constitution and Bylaws.

Article “H”

Active Member – current member with dues and all accounts due the NYBCF paid in full

Dedicated Fund – funds held in the accounts of the NYBCF that may not be withdrawn for any purpose other than the scholarship award

Executive Board – NYBCF’s governing body

Executive Committee – NYBCF Committee comprised of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Past President

NYBCF – New York B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation

Revised 3/31/15

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