CTC 2020 updated information for registration 7/14/2020

nybassfedslider_tournament crew

From left to right. Front row:  Kristie Jones, Gail Jones and Fran Hudson.  Back row: Roxanne Krause, Dave Repman and Paul Hudson. 


Registration site/date:

Marion Manor Marina – July 17, 2020

Located on Keyser beach road, off Route 13 near intersection of Route 31, Lenox NY 13032

The following teams are asked to arrive for registration between 3:30-3:45pm:

Adirondack – Black Rock – Central Team – Chemung – Crown City – Good Ole Boys – NNYB II

The following teams are asked to arrive for registration between 4:30-4:45pm:

Oak Orchard – Orange County – Port City – Rochester – Salt City – Southern Tier – Thousand Island

When your entire team has arrived, send one representative to the registration table to notify official. Your team will then be called up when tournament staff is ready to register your team. Please be on time with your assigned time slot. At the registration table $60.00 (exact change) will be collected for boater launch fees. Please place parking tag on dashboard of vehicle pulling boat trailer

Full team will then be asked to move on to the next table where we will have sponsor products displayed for raffle and a 50/50 raffle. Please support our New York BASS Nation by purchasing tickets at this table. Raffle tickets for prizes and 50/50 will be drawn during day one of tournament. List of winners will be posted at Day 1 weigh in.

After Team purchases raffle tickets, team will be asked to move on to the next table where they will receive any updated tournament information including flight times for each day of tournament and boater non boater assignments for each day of tournament. Your team photo will be taken at this table as well. Once complete, please leave the site immediately so we can avoid groupings of people

All anglers are asked to:

Protect yourself and others. Stay safe, practice social distancing, keep hands clean, and have a mask to wear

Wear your mask for the duration of registration and weigh in. You will be asked to remove masks for picture only

Have a pen of your own for use as needed and if needed

Additional Info:

Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass 12” minimum length

(4) Fish for Boaters

(3) Fish for Co anglers

All Anglers must possess a fizz kit and understand how to use it

All Boaters must follow Clean, Drain and Dry Law for official practice and tournament day.                                               

No debris on boat/trailer, empty live wells with plugs pulled, bilge plug pulled, and outboard engine should be cleared of any water

All anglers must read and know all tournament rules for CTC

Marinas posted No Fishing, No Trespassing, or Private and within 100 yards of the launch are off limits

Please have ice on board both days of tournament to help keep live well temperature down

Safety first:

Observe and follow the laws going through no wake zones. This will be closely observed in the canal at send off and check in.

Life vests must be worn when combustion engine is running. Passenger must be seated when combustion engine is running

If you are wearing an inflatable life vest you must have a regular non inflatable life vest on board in order to remove the inflatable while fishing. This is a coast guard regulation.