August 19th, 2018

Union Springs, NY

One hundred twenty five anglers headed out on Cayuga Lake for the second stop on the NY BASS Nation Regional Team Qualification Tournament trail.   The lake was hit hard with heavy rain earlier in the week so some areas were still recovering from both lake levels and debris.   But the lake was safe and fishable but it was a challenge to develop a consistent pattern.  On tournament day it was partly to mostly cloudy with very light winds all day and the take off in the morning went off well.

At 2:15 in the afternoon, the flights of boats began arriving and it was quickly apparent that there was a wide diversity of weights coming to the scales.  One third of the boaters weighed 15 pounds or more, one third between 10 and 15 pounds and one third below 10 pounds.   Every ounce counted in the critical angler of the year race to determine Regional Team members for 2019.  On the non-boater side, fully 2/3rds of the field finished with less than 10 pounds.

When the scales closed, there was a very close race for first and second for the boater side between winner Ken Bracy with 22.99 pounds and runner up Mike Morrin who had 22.63 pounds.   Ken sealed the deal with boater lunker weighing in at 5.95 pounds.   Ken got an early morning jump when he decided to fish a nearby point using a zara spook top water and collected two fish that ended up in his weighin bag including one over five pounds.   He spent the rest of the day down lake using a jig to fill out his winning limit.   Mike just headed South and used his extensive knowledge of the lake to build his weight.   The remaining top five were Jim Bianchi with 21.22 pounds, George Yund with 19.23 pounds and Jeremy Douglas with 18.37 pounds.

On the Non-Boater side, Josh Boivard benefitted from being in Mike Morrin’s boat and came to the scales with 20.92 pounds for the win.   He used the same jig combination to get his fish.  Second place was Mike Bell who had 17.4 pounds again he used a jig but also threw a variety of soft plastics as well.  In third place was Doug Linn with 16.74 pounds, in fourth was Joe Raguzin with 16.13 pounds and fifth place was Adam Kettle with 15.93 pounds.   The non-boater lunker was a solid 5.95 pound largemouth weighed by 8th place finisher Zachary Hajecate.

Many thanks to the Tournament Crew of Roxanne Krause, Fran Hudson, Guy Durant and Eric Gibbs and the Fishcare Manager Paul Hudson and helper Tom Testa.   Thank you also to Union Springs for the use of their facilities and sponsor Bass Pro Shop Auburn for their support.


’01  Morning Take off

’02  Top Five Boaters   L to R  Ken Bracy, Mike Morrin, Jim Bianchi, George Yund, and Jeremy Douglas

’03  Top Five Non-Boaters L to R  Josh Boivard, Mike Bell, Doug Linn, Joe Raguzin, and Adam Kettle

’04   Lunker Winners Left Zachary Hajecate and Right Ken Bracy