Henderson Harbor – September 22nd, 2019 – Information sheet

The re-registration meeting will be held at the Henderson Harbor Performing Arts Association site, located at 12469 County rd. 123, Henderson NY 13650 on Saturday September 22nd from 4:00-5:00pm. Official practice ends at 3:00pm on Saturday. Boater draw and pairings to be announced around 5:30pm including official Launch time, flights, official check in point and check in times for flights.

US and Canadian waters are open for this tournament

New York and Canadian fishing licenses are required for participation in this tournament

Off limits:

-Within 100 yards of launch

-Within 25 yards of any gas docks

-Any Marinas posted as private or no fishing allowed   

Safety first:

-Observe and follow the laws going through no wake zones. This will be closely observed in the Harbor at send off and check in

-Life vests must be worn when combustion engine is running. Passenger must be seated when combustion engine is running

-If you are wearing an inflatable life vested you must have a regular non inflatable life vest on board in order to remove the inflatable while fishing. This is a coast guard regulation

-If it is determined that a single boater will be going out alone, that boater must wear their life vest during the entire tournament and check in with the Tournament Director between 11-11:30am to report that they are safe.

Limits and fish health:

-(5) fish limit of Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass, 12” minimum length

-All Anglers must possess a fizz kit and understand how to use it

-Check your catch often and fizz your fish if as soon as possible if needed. Have ice on board to be able to cool the live well down if needed. Remember there is a ½ lb. deduction for each dead fish

Clean drain and dry:

-All boaters must follow Clean, Drain and dry Law for official practice and Tournament. No debris left on boat or trailer, empty live well with plugs pulled and outboard engine should be cleared of any water


-In the case of an emergency during the tournament, please call 911 first to report

-Then call –Tournament Director  – Dave Repman – 716-583-2061

Or -President   -Pete Knight      – 315-806-5633