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Fishing is big business and a major American institution. More people fish (approx. 60 million) than play golf (20 million) and tennis (17.3 million) combined. Americas 30 million bass anglers are the basis of a $60 billion dollar industry.
Approximately one in every five Americans hangs out the “gone fishing” sign every year. Bass is the most sought after, according to the US FISH AND WILDLIFE services.
Statistics, 43 percent of the freshwater angler fishes for black bass. One in every 400 Americans is a bass angler. Bass anglers are found in every state even in Alaska. Bass National has over 25,000 members alone living in New York State.

A bassmasters survey indicated that the weekend bass angler is about 42 years of age married and spends an Ave. of $2,300.00 a year on this hobby.

The New York State B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation represents the approximately 18,000 bass anglers that are registered with the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society in our state. Over 1,000 are active in the federation’s 50 clubs throughout New York and surrounding states. Using a conservative estimate that each angler spends $300 per federation tournament, NYSBCF therefore brings about $50,000 to the local community on its points tournament weekends and even more with its two day Club Team Event.

The federation also supports CastingKids events, plus youth programs.

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