August 13th and 14th

Union Springs, Cayuga Lake

The 2018 NY BASS Nation Club Team Championship brought fourteen teams from around the state to Cayuga Lake to see which team could put together the best strategy and execute it.  The teams all arrived at the Finger Lakes Mall in Auburn on Friday afternoon to re-register and have team photos taken.   Tournament Director Dave Repman provided the first day draws and everyone left for the evening.   Some candid observations relayed that the lake was “fishing tough” and that it was really hot out there.

Fishing day one lived up to the observations but there were some good bags and lunkers brought to the scales.   Chris Sperling from Good Old Boys came close to breaking the 20 pound mark but fell just a few ounces short.  Chris Killoran from Crown City brought a 5.56 pound largemouth to the scales for what was Day One Lunker and eventually overall tournament lunker.

Sunday dawned with a calm lake and hot temperatures.   Fishcare Manager, Paul Hudson saw surface temperatures rising from the low 70’s to just over 80 degrees by the time the first flights arrived for weighin.   Between the release boat and the weighin tanks, 220 pounds of ice was consumed trying to keep the water cool for the fish.   As we watched the anglers arrive, one thing was clear.   The weather took a toll on all of them.

Some nice bags of fish and some  lunkers in the upper 4’s and low 5’s  were weighed in.  Again Chris Sperling from Good Old Boys led the weigh totals and had a combined two day weight of 36.26 pounds.   Big Fish was taken by Randy Lamanche with a nice largemouth weighing 5.35 pounds.

A big factor in this tournament is that it allows anglers from clubs to see and feel how a major state wide event is held.   All the factors from tournament draws to take off and return to weighing fish are all very different when you have fifty boats and fifty co-anglers.   It also brings together old friends and competitors.   Mark Harold from Rochester Bassmasters and Gary Menchen from Watershed Bassmasters have both competed for many decades but had never fished together.  That changed on Sunday as they were partners.   It is this kind of friendly association that helps sustain the clubs and the event.

When all the fish were weighed and the total weights tallied, the Crown City Bassmasters came in first place with 123.79 pounds.  Second Place went to Orange County Bassmasters with 111.69 pounds.  Third Place went to Salt City with 109.64.   Fourth Place went to Rochester Bassmasters with 106.38 pounds and Fifth Place to Port City Bassmasters with 106.04 pounds.


Pictured are the first through fifth place teams and the lunker winners for both days.