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Release – January 2008

For anyone paying attention to the political climate this year it appears this is the year of CHANGE; at least that’s the theme I hear every morning on CNN when I tune in while getting ready for work. I thought about that for a minute and our Federation is also going through some change for 2008 and I believe you’ll read all about it in this very issue. Some very good news for us is that we now have a full slate of officers and committee chairpersons to help our Federation this year. I ask you to think about that for a minute, a full slate of officers and committee chairpersons… because that’s big time anytime we get active participants who are willing to step up to support our Federation.

As your newly appointed Conservation Director I know I’ll need some help from our membership and affiliate clubs. Our state is a big one and it’s far too large to think I can do this on my own. I ask you to trust me when I say I know from having previously held this position that our Federation needs some solid citizens to be our eyes and ear in every region of the state.

To protect our resources and habitat I believe we must be aware of all of the various conservation related issues that impact our angler’s world, and by angler’s world… I’m referring to access to waterways, habitat improvement, invasive species management and a host of other topics that we don’t even know about. I suppose the truest text of all is we just don’t know what we don’t know; and that’s exactly where our membership and affiliate clubs come into this equation.

We have nine regions in our NYS DEC and I’m seeking NYBCF members, one or more from each region that are willing to help with our conservation efforts by becoming the eyes and ears in their respective regions. The general idea is that anytime you become aware of an issue in your region you’ll let me know and then we can work together to resolve or address the issue at our level and if required we can leverage the clout of our entire Federation body to address the issue at the county, state or national level.

By design I see this working much like our T.A.B. (tournament advisory board) currently works, only the topic here is conservation related issues instead of just tournament fishing. If you know of anyone in your club that’s interested in becoming a volunteer member of our NYBCF Conservation Regional Counsel then please have them contact me directly at PO Box 136, Calcium, NY 13616 or (315) 786-8897 or

In the coming weeks each club representative will be given a conservation survey and I need our clubs to fill it out and we’ll use this information to develop our short term goals in support of our strategic plan for the next 3-5 years.

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Burnie Haney
Conservation Director

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